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Machir's 2006 STI

After doing two previous Subaru builds with Machines Gone Wild over the years, we’ve always joked about putting together a wide bodied autocross six cylinder 3.0 breathing monster to dominate the local racing scene here in south florida. So when the opportunity presented itself the search was on for a viable candidate to kick off the build. Along came an offerup ad which was too good to be true! A gem frozen in time..a 2006 Sti which was brought back from a deployed navy man from Hawaii with only 31k original miles, no accidents but unfortunately he had overheated the motor over there and had no Certified mechanics to do the repairs.

      So the car was shipped back to fort Myers florida and there it sat for five years in his driveway with dreams of one day getting it back on the road. Don called me the Sunday evening he discovered it and I immediately rented a trailer the next morning and headed north. We worked a deal and we both now had to load the car on the trailer and drive almost two hours south to his naval credit union in south beach to make the last payment and release the title. After that trek, I Got her home and started cleaning her up and got MGW to begin ordering up some parts with a mild build in store to introduce the upcoming monster on the autocross scene, and with a few clicks of the mouse all the parts were at the shop and the build started, aim was to get the motor apart, checked and reassembled with off-the-shelf forged internals, remember the goal was always an H6 Ez30 project.

  After only having the car in our possession for 3 days it’s was running on the lift, Alive once again and boasting a modest 320 hp (stock turbo) thanks to Greggs (Tuner) on a Cobb accessport. From there the car won every event for the first 6 months. Then came more clicks of the mouse..Tien suspension, sway bars...won another event by we realized its time for more power..even more clicks of the mouse at Machines brought an FP Green, Grimmspeed upipe, ETS custom 4’ anodized gold front mount intercooler, Tial BOV, Tial waste gate, grimmspeed EBC, injectors, fuel rails, fuel pressure regulator, HkS carbon Ti Cat back exhaust connected to the biggest downpipe we could find and of course let’s not forget the secret cold air APS intake fabricated in-house by MGW. All this of course meant the Cobb protuner Greggs would need to hit some more keys to make all these components put out a modest 500hp on E85 and that he did! But all this power was great and we knew the potential of the car on the autocross scene at this point..soo why not go wider?! Let’s say 10.5” SSRs wheels with Bridgestone Potenza RE71’s should fit nicely under the new widebodied flares. Thanks to our friends at Cartronics Kendall I was able to get the car wrapped chrome blue to give it some finishing touches before heading back to the track.

        First event out of the now armed, ready and capable track monster proved another first place win with Porsche owners driving home scratching there heads. Important to note that these all took place on surfaces not suited for the Porsche’s (multi surface parking lots). So then came Street Racing Made Safe autocross series monthly utilizing an actual we’re talking!! A Level playing ground..lets go..first two events top times of the day..let’s just say the third event a certain GT2 machine showed up on all Hoosiers (slicks).. only beating us by 2 seconds...that’s over!! The 4 banger has done its job greatly and has ran seasons being abused on the track with no problems whatsoever MGW built..time for the six cylinder..keep following @mgw305 for the build..all I can say, is the motor is done and assembled, sitting on an engine stand and all supporting mods have been ordered and are sitting at the shop for surgery.. stay tuned😉

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