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Vehicle Fitment

2006-2021 WRX

2005-2012 Legacy GT

2006-2008 Forester XT

ACT Heavy Duty Performance Street Disc Clutch Kit w/ Flywheel

  • Remember that one time you were leaving cars and coffee and tried to do an all-wheel drive burnout in front of everyone? Don't feel bad, The ACT Heavy Duty Performance Street Sprung Clutch Kit is available to get you back on the road again. This kit features ACT's heavy duty pressure plate that features an exclusive diaphragm design to increase the clamp load, reduce deflection, and maximize clutch life. All of ACT's diaphragms have gone through a four-stage heat-treating process, and the street

  • AT90 Alignment tool

    • PB1004 Alignment Tool

    • RB844 Release Bearing

    • SB020 Heavy Duty Pressure Plate

    • 3000505 Performance Street Sprung Disk

    • 600890 XACT Flywheel Streetlite

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