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Vehicle Fitment:

2002-2014 WRX

2004-2021 STI

GrimmSpeed CHASE JB400 Turbocharger Kit - Subaru Models

SKU: GRM123005
  • This is GrimmSpeed's new CHASE JB400 Turbocharger. Designed by Chase Trogan who is a senior engineer at GrimmSpeed, this particular turbocharger is the result of over 3 years of testing and development. GrimmSpeed's goal was to provide a mid-sized turbocharger that offers many power benefits at a good price point. This turbocharger has a proprietary and state-of-the-art compressor, turbine, CHRA, and wheel design. These features have enabled GrimmSpeed to take full advantage of the physical limitations of the EJ's engine bay, and the design has endured tedious flow analysis, strenuous failure testing, and engine-pounding road and dyno testing.

    The JB400 is the perfect addition to any Stage 3 car as the flow characteristics have been designed to pair well with the stock fuel system. The severe-duty journal bearing has been built to last, and even with minor upgrades, this turbocharger will substantially change the power characteristics and delivery of the EJ engine. This turbo quickly responds but delivers the punch from mid to the top-level RPM range. It will keep the power up between shifts while maintaining a flat power curve.

    • Compressor Wheel Size (Inducer / Exducer): 51.2mm / 73.8mm extended tip with a 48 trim
    • Turbine Wheel Size (Inducer / Exducer): 53.8mm / 47mm, 76 trim
    • Compressor Flow: 49 lb/min
    • Compressor Wheel Construction: Billet 2618 alloy
    • Compressor Housing Construction: A356 alloy
    • Turbine Housing Construction: D5S alloy
    • Bearing Type: Journal - Severe duty 360-degree thrust bearing and twin hydrodynamic bearings
    • Compressor A/R: 0.65
    • Turbine A/R: 0.68
    • Very robust and reliable at high boost levels and in race applications
    • Dual-piston rings and advanced oil flinger design to combat oil leakage and CHRA pressurization
    • Wastegate actuator will come pre-set to 15 psi
    • This turbocharger was able to produce 440 WHP and 460 WTQ on GrimmSpeed's Stage 3 2020 STI with tuning and fuel upgrades
    • Ideal for daily drivers that demand more power
    • Durable enough for track-dedicated race cars
    • Will include new gaskets, fluid lines, and hardware for the installation
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