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Vehicle Fitment:

Subaru WRX/STI 2008-2014 / Forester XT 2009-2013

GrimmSpeed Cold Air Intake 08-14 WRX/STI

  • Grimmspeed is a pioneering company in the world of turbocharged and sport compact performance. With that being said they combine expertise, and careful manufacturing methods to produce high-performance products that produce results. With that being said Grimmspeed examined several factory intake systems to identify their restrictions and shortcomings only to improve on them. Over months of several testing designs, their advanced research, and development program fully utilized their engineering resources to deliver an intake solution that will make the most out of an intake system.

    The result is a quality cold air intake system designed with tuners in mind. During the design process, Grimmspeed made careful considerations in the regard that the MAF sensor must be protected from the heat of the engine bay for accurate readings without placing the filter close enough to the ground that it could absorb water or moisture. The MAF sensor must be placed relative to the filter and air straightener that is similar to the OEM airbox for consistent and reliable readings. Additionally, the intake tube must have smooth bends to limit air turbulence under acceleration while maintaining a proper length. Furthermore, the heat shield must provide sealing between the induction area and the engine bay to keep the air intake temperatures as low as possible. The intake tube will also come in a nice powder-coated black finish to provide a cleaner look to the engine bay. 

    The filter, hardware, a silicone coupler with a clamp, as well as the seals for the intake box will be included to make the Grimmspeed Cold Air Intake ready for the installation. 

    Note that in order to maximize the performance out of this filter, a tune is required for a properly running vehicle. 

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