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Vehicle Fitment:

For Subaru  EJ25 / EJ257, 100mm, .051", for 14mm head studs


  • After years of research and development testing, the IAG Performance Fire-Lock head gasket is the newest solution to preventing head gasket failure on high horsepower and high boost Subaru EJ25 engines. This solution is loosely derived from diesel technology where a counterbore step is machined around each cylinder bore allowing specially sized fire rings to drop into the machined area and head gasket bores. The shims are designed to create a compression seal once the heads are installed and torqued into place. IAG fire rings are manufactured to a very strict tolerance from a proprietary alloy and are then put through a heat treatment process. The gaskets are manufactured from an asbestos-free composite raw material and feature a silicone based beading applied to critical areas to improve sealing around all water and oil passages. The combination of the alloy compression shims and gaskets assure maximum sealing for a Subaru EJ25 turbocharged engine.

    *The IAG Fire-Lock gaskets require machine work for installation and are recommended for use with 14mm head stud hardware.

    *The gaskets are sold in pairs with four Fire-lock rings.

  • Features:

    • Composite Material
    • IAG-Spec Alloy Ring
    • Specifically designed for 14mm Head Studs
    • Silicone Beading
    • 100mm Bore
    • .051" Thickness
    • Intended for High Horsepower, High Boost applications
    • IAG ARP 14mm Head Studs Required
    • Gaskets sold in pairs

    Install Notes:
    1. If a block or cylinder head was previously o-ringed the groove must be filled and resurfaced before using this type of gasket.
    2. These gaskets require IAG ARP 14mm head studs to achieve the required torque necessary for proper installation.
    3. Due to the required torque, any block that was previously honed will need to go to the next size overbore.
    4. Future servicing will require cylinder head resurfacing due to an imprint left from the Fire-lock rings.

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