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100% Synthetic Engine Oil

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  • Introducing the Newest member of the MOTUL 8100 range, POWER 5W-40. A pinnacle of high-performance 100% synthetic engine lubricants meticulously designed to elevate your driving experience. Crafted with an ESTER base inspired by the rigors of motorsports racing, this lubricant takes inspiration from the crucible of high-performance demands. It’s a formula that stands as a testament to precision, catering to gasoline or diesel engines in a variety of configurations: tuned or high-performance, naturally aspirated or turbocharged, direct or indirect injection, and operating across an extensive range of revs and temperatures, be it on the road or under the most demanding racing conditions.
    This lubricant is not bound by convention; it’s suitable for both gasoline and diesel engines requiring the API SP viscosity grade of 5W-40. It doesn’t stop there – the unique formula is methodically designed to be compatible with biofuels, including the ethanol-rich E85. The commitment to environmental compatibility is mirrored by its harmony with after treatment systems like catalytic converters (CAT) and diesel particulate filters (DPF). What truly sets 8100 POWER 5W-40 apart is its proactive approach to engine protection. It safeguards downsized engines from the risk of LSPI (Low-Speed Pre-Ignition) and is further optimized with a high viscosity grade to ensure maximum engine reliability and unparalleled protection against fuel dilution.
    8100 POWER 5W-40 motor oil offers an exceptional film resistance at even the most extreme temperatures, lending unwavering support to your engine’s power and torque capabilities. Ensuring stable oil pressure, regardless of usage conditions, be it road or racing, is a testament to the lubricant’s steadfast reliability. The API SP standard extends beyond its performance requirements, enveloping API SN and its predecessors, showcasing superior oxidation resistance, enhanced anti-deposit protection, superior engine cleanliness, advanced anti-wear capabilities, and improved cold temperature performance for enhanced fuel economy throughout the oil’s lifecycle.
    MOTUL 8100 POWER 5W-40 goes a step further by enabling excellent oil flow into your engine, even under the most demanding conditions, while showcasing exceptional resistance to high temperatures. This dynamic combination facilitates precise control over oil consumption and delivers elevated wear protection. When it comes to the optimal drain interval, it’s essential to heed the manufacturer’s recommendations and align them with your specific usage. The versatility of 8100 POWER 5W-40 extends to its compatibility with both synthetic and mineral oils, providing flexibility without compromising performance. Always a proponent of responsible and informed usage, referring to your vehicle’s owner manual is a prudent step before application.
    MOTUL, with an unparalleled legacy of 170 years, epitomizes dedication and innovation in the motorsports industry. From Brake Fluids to Coolants, Care products to Additives, MOTUL’s steadfast commitment to performance has fueled generations of enthusiasts. The MOTUL 8100 POWER Range encapsulates this commitment, embodying the brand’s devotion to crafting products that set new standards for quality and reliability. When you opt for MOTUL, you’re harmonizing with a tradition of excellence that has steered the motorsports industry for generations.
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