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Project Azurite @atthecrank

04 STI 518HP/430TQ

🏎 @atthecrank

"We need the storms, the overcast days to help us appreciate the sunny days. If it was sunny every day then we would start taking it for granted".

Those rainy days allow us to change, and stay motivated for those sunny days☀️ & thats what happend with project Azurite.

When Eddie first met us at the shop he told us this was his dream car and it even came in his favorite color so it was only fitting to name the car "Project Azurite" after the blue stone that would indeed protect his car against negativity.

He had spent 6-7 months looking for the perfect car until he stumbled upon a World Rally Blue 2004 STI for sale at the dealership. He did some digging and found out who the previous owner was and got all the history on it and discovered that it was originally tuned here at Machines Gone Wild.

After some negotiating and getting a great deal, he finally bought his dream car 💙

After learning how the car behaved, he enrolled and won the championship for the 2019 International Roll Racing Association for his class. 🏆

When the car reached 103k miles, Project Azurite suffered engine failure after over boosting and melted the pistons.

Eddie started doing some research and came across our shop again on IAG's page and had seen that we were the only IAG Certified Installer in South Florida and didn't hesitate to reach out. After discussing power goals, it was time to get to work🏎

The Build ⚙️


  • Closed deck and forged stage 2.5 IAG Performance block.


  • Ferrea valves, springs, retainers, keepers, locks, etc.

  • Stage 3 280 camshafts


- Torque Solution TGV Deletes, Fuel rails, shifter bushings, diff brace, diff bushings, etc.

After all the dirty work, it was time to install the FP Green, fill her up with some E85, and strap her down to the Dyno. A few pulls later and Project Azurite had been fulfilled.

The results: 518HP/430TQ 🔥

(Still on a top mount intercooler)

The next step for Project Azurite is entering the International Roll Racing Association on February 20, 2021 with plans to win the championship once again with his new set up and support from the entire #teammgw @Machines Gone Wild. 🏁

.... How much power do you think she'll make when we add the front mount and retune? 🤔

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